About Me

Everything you or I or any other breathing thing has ever put its mouth, or in its nose, or soaked in through its skin, is hand-me-down space dust that’s been around for 13.8 billion years.  This wayward matter has been split apart by sunlight, spread throughout the universe, and come back together again.  To breathe is to absorb ourselves in what surrounds us, to take in little bits of life, understand them, and give pieces of ourselves back out. 

From “Breath” by James Nestor

I am a licensed professional counselor and live and work in Baltimore City.  I bring to my practice a broad range of experiences from raising my own family and helping women give birth as a doula, to providing therapy to clients as they struggle with depression, anxiety, fullsizeoutput_24aephysical addiction, and trauma. Currently, I am a solo practitioner in private practice, but through the years I have worked in private practice and in agencies as well.  These include residential treatment at Sheppard Pratt Hospital for adolescents and partial hospitalization for drug addiction at Johns Hopkins. At the University of Maryland Medical Center-Midtown Campus, my work focused more on assisting people with a wide range of problems including health-related issues, job and family issues, addictions, and trauma and dissociation.

Heron at Patterson Park

One of my guiding principles is that no two people are alike and each person has a unique way of viewing the world, a unique set of circumstances, and way of healing.  While one client may need to simply talk through problems, another may need a more solution-focused approach while others may need help learning relaxation skills.  Other people may be looking for strategies to help overcome depression, addiction, phobias, or traumatic memories that have plagued them for years.

First and foremost, though, I am a friend, mother, grandmother.  I am also a cook, musician, and an artist and attempt to live my life to the fullest.  One of my passions is photography and on this site, you will see many of my photographs.  Below are more of them put here just for fun.