No Journey Begins Until You Take the First Step

Welcome to my website!

Do you find that you are doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a change but always getting the same result?  You haven’t felt right for a while now and things are getting worse or you are depressed and anxious and have trouble sleeping. Maybe you find yourself staring off into space, losing time, or you feel disconnected from everyone including yourself. You wonder if you’re going crazy. When you try to talk about what you are going through with others it doesn’t help because no one seems to get it.  Whatever the problem is, it is interfering with your life, your relationships, and your feelings about yourself and you are ready to get some help.

Headshot that works - smile?I get how stressful life can be and my goal is to help you recover from difficult and traumatic experiences.  If you are ready to take this step perhaps I can help you.  I do this by really listening to you with empathy and without judgement while working with you to find a path toward a happier and more peaceful life.

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