Important Forms

Once you have contacted me and have set up an appointment, please download, print, and complete the first two forms if possible before your first appointment and bring them with you.  They can help us move through the first session.  If you are unable to complete these documents prior to the first session, we can complete them together in my office. 

Note * Each document will open in a new window.  To get back to this page, click on the tab for this page.

REGISTRATION & DEMOGRAPHICS – SH2018 – You may print this document, complete it, and bring it to your first appointment.

CONSENT FOR TREATMENT – SH2017 – This is your consent to treatment, which must be signed.  You may sign it electronically and return it to me by email.

NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES – SH2017 – This is an informational document for you to read.  It is about your privacy, your protected health information (PHI), and HIPPA.