How to Get There


I am located in a small suite of offices at 1414 Key Highway.  The building faces the Inner Harbor and is directly across from the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  You will see the large red crane of the museum.  The building sits between the side streets of Boyle St. and Webster St. A map is located at the bottom of this page.

Parking:  You can either use the 2-hour metered parking (.50¢ per hour) in front of the building or look for free parking on the side streets or the residential area behind. You can park on any of these streets for free without worry of a time limit.  Some of these streets are one-way so be mindful of that.

Do not use the parking garage to the left of the building on Boyle St. is for Walgreens and Medstar only.

Entering the building.  The entryway to 1414 right next to the bike shop. Go up the ramp or the stairs.  If the door is locked use the call box on your right.  Use the A and Z buttons (as if they were arrow buttons) to scroll through the names until you see my name highlighted.  Once my name is highlighted, push the “call” button and it will ring my phone and I will buzz you in.

If the door is not locked, of course, come upstairs.  I will come out promptly at your scheduled time to greet you.  If you have problems getting there or getting in, please feel free to call or text me.

Elevator or stairs:  When you enter the building, you have a choice—elevator or stairs, I am located on the 3rd floor in Sobo Suites (300M).  Please come in and have a seat and I will come to greet you at your appointment time.

  • Stairs.  Walk straight forward and go up the open staircase to the 3rd floor.  At the top of the stairs, go through the doors on the left.  The hallway will lead you through suites of offices.  The entry to Sobo Suites is on the right.
  • Elevator.  Enter the building and make an immediate right, then advance to the end of the hall and turn left.  The elevator will be on your right.  (It is a service elevator.  There is another elevator but instructions then become more complicated.)   The entrance to Sobo Suites will be on your left.